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Ron O’Brien’s Two piece extendable Shrimping dip nets

He will customize them to fit your needs 12ft - 20ft long

Can be customized smaller to fit in your vehicle

Can have a fixed or Removable Hoop

Make sure you tell him ShrimpNFishFlorida sent you and he will treat you right!

Capt. Ron O'Brien Shrimp Nets

Capt. Ron sells 10 ft dip nets, collapsible frame nets, replacement nets for hoops and box, and is the inventor of the fence which can be added to all new sock replacements for free!

Pricing below…

Photo of Capt. Ron O'Brien Shrimp Dips Nets

Ron O’Brien’s Two Piece Extendable dip nets

Photo of Capt. Ron O'Brien at the

Standing in front of his sign.