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Capt. Ron O'Brien Shrimping Frame Nets

Ron O'brien's "Deluxe Chambered" Shrimping Frame Net.

in 2016 Ron O'brien invented a new Style "Chambered" Shrimping Frame Net for me, and is now making them available to the public for only $150.00 for ShrimpNFishFlorida™ Club Members, so make sure you tell Ron that you are a member and seen it on our clubs forum.

I gave them the name "Deluxe Chambered" Frame Net, because these nets are truly a Deluxe Frame net.

This new style frame net is funneled with large aluminum ring which holds the outer net open allowing the shrimp to travel into the inner chamber, which once the shrimp travels into the nets inner chamber they can not crawl back out, thus you can leave your net in the water longer without having to worrying about the shrimp getting out of the frame net.

I am in love with this new style "deluxe chambered frame net" and you will too once you get one.

Here are a few photos I took which you can see the aluminum ring, inner chamber and design.

If i were you I would get your orders in fast because he will soon be getting backlogged on making these newly designed frame nets.


ShrimpNFishFLorida™ only recommends the best shrimping equipment to all its members... and Ron O'Brien Shrimp dip nets and frame nets are by far the best we have ever found anywhere.

For new Shrimp Nets Call 386-416-7900.