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How Ron O'Brien Custom made Shrimping Dip Nets are made

Custom made Ron O'Brien Shrimping Dip Nets from start to Finnish

Ron O'Brien is the Inventor and innovator or the original collapsible Frame net and meets the Florida Fresh Water Commission FWC regulations and exceeds recreational standards.

Anyone else making any collapsible Frame nets are infringing upon Ron O'Briens invention and are stealing his design. And we ask that you do not support the low life's that have done so.

ShrimpNFishFLorida™ only recommends the best shrimping equipment to all its members... and Ron O'Brien Shrimp dip nets and frame nets are by far the best we have ever found anywhere.

For new Shrimp Nets Call 386-416-7900.

Ron O'Brien Shrimping Frame Nets meet FWC regulations.

How Ron O'Brien Custom made Shrimping Dip Nets are made

below are photos i took of Ron O'Brien making some custom dip nets